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Last update: Jan 9th, 2024

MiniTon is a social eSport platform based on TON & Telegram Mini-app.

MiniTon integrates blockchain technology and community governance:

  • Facilitate the inclusion of all players in equitable and enjoyable skill-based games, providing opportunities to earn prizes through skills.

  • Facilitate the rapid dissemination of high-quality games through social virality.

  • Empower developers to monetize games and attain sustainable performance growth.

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Seamless User Onboarding

Embrace the user-friendly Skill-to-Win&Earn model, attracting both Web2 players using fiat currency and Web3 enthusiasts with crypto tokens for a diverse and engaged user base.

Unparalleled Transparency and Equity

The blockchain-backed technology ensures absolute fairness in gameplay and transparent outcomes, bolstering player trust.

Viral Social Potential

Empower players to create and share matches autonomously, igniting organic growth within social networks.

Developer-Centric Approach

Streamlined onboarding for both Web2 and Blockchain Games, minimizing development overhead and enhancing accessibility for game developers entering the TON platform.

Sustainable and Scalable Business Model

Implement a proven revenue model that transforms conventional approaches (Play-to-Earn, IAA, IAP) into highly efficient Earn-from-Tournaments, ensuring consistent revenue to fortify the tokenomic model.

Proven Team Expertise

A team with a track record of success in Web2 and Web3 domains, early pioneers in the WeChat mini-game ecosystem, and a rare blend of expertise in Crypto, gaming, international market expansion, and IM-based mini-game.


Bring 100 million gamers into Web3.0


Attract 100 thousand game developers into TON

How MiniTon Work

Skill To Win

Gamers deposit Toncoin or other crypto tokens to participate in skill-based competitions. The winner claims the losers’ deposits and sponsorship bonus.

Community-driven Growth

Promote top-notch casual competitive games through Telegram and MiniTon, igniting viral growth.

MiniTon SDK

Enable all games to host social eSports events and generate income from tournaments.

Blockchain Technology

Ensure a reliable and fair on-chain competition playing field for gamers.

Everyone can eSport

Empower individuals to organize tournaments, fostering new social connections through competitive gaming.

Product & Service

For Gamers

For Developers: Tournaments as a Service


MiniTon is unquestionably a form of entertainment that does not fit into the realm of gambling.

For more details, please refer to The Legality of MiniTon

For new user

💵Social Esports: Flexible and CompatibleEmpowering Every Player to Organize Tournaments🏛️The Legality of MiniTon

For developer

🪄Developer Solution

For community member

🎭Community🧩DAO Governance



Known as The Open Network or Telegram Open Network, is a blockchain platform.

Telegram Mini Game

Telegram Games are small game applications that run entirely within the Telegram app. There is no need to download; click to play.

Skill to Win

The rules of the game rely on the player's ability to win through skill.

Earn from Tournaments

This refers to a business model where developers earn revenue by holding tournaments.


The profit model of watching ads in games is called In-app Advertising.


The profit model of in-game payment, also known as Pay to Win, is referred to as In-apps Purchase.


Beyond the simple transfer and collection of crypto assets, a digital wallet - also referred to as a Crypto Wallet - offers a range of valuable functions. Among them are the management of private keys, visualizing encrypted assets, verifying identities, interacting with smart contracts, and even enabling social networking.

Wallet Address

When we generate a crypto wallet, we actually generate a private key through a series of algorithms, and use this private key to generate a public key and form a key pair. Think of the private key as your wallet's password, while the wallet address is the account that others use to send assets to you. While you can share your wallet address publicly, it's crucial to keep your private key confidential and not share it with anyone.


A cryptocurrency called Tether (USDT) is pegged to the US dollar. 1 USDT is equal to 1 US dollar.


On MiniTon, you only need to pay fees to enter a game. This fee is used to buy a ticket, which can be paid with points, fiat currency, or cryptocurrency.

Software Reference


This is the official MiniTon White-paper in English.

This document is also available in 8 other language versions:


Important Note

  • MiniTon Whitepaper delves into the project's vision, implementation, and plans.

  • While certain aspects have been implemented, others are still in development or under plan.

  • It is important to note that we have the ability to update the document as necessary.

  • This document can NOT be used as a basis for any investment decision.

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